Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts, Inc. (DTA) Announces Launch of Technology Assessment Powered By Artificial Intelligence

November 7, 2018 - Lund, Sweden -- Diagnostic and Defense Technology Analysts, Inc. (DTA), an international commercialization company based in Lund, Sweden and San Diego, CA, today announced the launch of their new software product AstraLaunch at the start of the BIO Europe conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

AstraLaunch is a web portal providing technology assessment using artificial intelligence (AI); a software as a service (SaaS) designed to align research with the market early in the commercialization process.

AstraLaunch will provide real time competitive intelligence and the ability to create insertion points into NASA's technology roadmaps.

Carey Adolfsson, CEO of DTA

About DTA

DTA is committed to helping businesses successfully navigate the - sometimes bumpy - road to commercialization, and most recently partnered with TechAdvance, a technology assessment tool developed by Apprimo at the Muenster School of 'Science as Business' in Germany. TechAdvance has a rich history, having been created through years of research at technology transfer offices around the world.